Other CUSTOM Designs


Perhaps you've heard... the salmon of the Columbia Basin have dwindled over the last decades. This has been attributed to the damming of the rivers and other effects of man. As an opportunity to immortalize this wonderful species in your home or office, I am offering a series of salmon, which are available swimming to the left or right. They are cast of clay and brightly painted with acrylics and metallics, with the fins made of translucent polyester. Measuring 32" in length, multiple fish suggest schooling and provide a timeless fascination.

Star Trek

The Next Generation and Voyager series have both included my plates and panel systems in their futuristic set designs! I am honored to have my work recognized for its timeless design.

Yo Combo

This installation of 88 guitar necks represents the piano’s chromatic scale. Strips of mirror are mounted in the intersection of the two sine waves thus the presence of the viewer becomes part of the piece. At sixteen feet long and forty-four inches high, it demands just the right setting.

Golf Links

Golf has a playing field like no other. It offers an unusual combination of rigid specifications mixed with the sometimes wild and unpredictable irregularities of nature. Utilizing golf’s familiar elements, these creations capture the many textures and subtle, mysterious surfaces inherent in the ceramic process. Specific hole or course layout commissions are welcomed.



Will has developed a new and unique approach to commercial and residential lighting. His use of epoxy composites and carbon fiber adds depth and visual texture to a broad array of shapes. Stoneware bases contrast with parchment-like shades for a one of a kind lamp or fixture. Numerous restaurants have utilized this look to develop their own personal statements.